International Committee first alive meeting

SIGGRAPH 2005, South Lobby, Downtown Los Angeles Convention Center

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After a couple of weeks of preparation through an electonc mailing list, the 2005 SIGGRAPH International Committee eventually met for the first time in real life. To clear any possible confusion, the SIGGRAPH IC is just in charge of the activities around the International booth, an area of the SIGGRAPH that welcome international attendees. On the other side, this year has seen a couple of innovating activitees pushed by Rejane Spitz, the IC chair (and there was an interesting Australasian reception too, organised by some OZ blokes :-)

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Geographic Coordinates:

Latitude : 34:2:23.9388N (34.039983)
Longitude : 118:16:10.65W (-118.269625)


30/07/2005 at 16:04:19 ( PDT - Pacific Daylight Time, North America (UTC/GMT -7 hours) )

Equipment / Story of the image:

Taken with a Nikon D70 digital SLR, Fish Eye Sigma 8mm (partially full frame : focal length of the D70 : 1.5 : 8mm <=> 12mn/24x36), f4 at 1/60 second. Hand held (7 shots to help clean parallax issues). Stitched with PTMac 3.0 v55. Cleaned with Photoshop CS. Converted with CubicConverter 2.1.2
The space was quite dark (had to work in ISO3200), I had no tripod, it was the first time I met everybody in the IC team, and I was already making fool of myself. So eventually, even with the pixelisation, that picture was not that bad :-)

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