MIT SENSEable City Lab - Los ojos del mundo | The world's eyes
Comment intégrer une image haute résolution dans votre site en utilisant Google Map | Korben
Google Maps Mania: Panoramas on Google Maps
Google Earth Blog: Advanced Photo Placement in Google Earth
Flickr: Discussing iPhoto Geotagging Problems in GeoTagging Flickr
Panoramic Earth
GPS Visualizer
Export GPS en ligne
Prague — 360 Cities
flickrvision (beta)
Ovolab - Geophoto - description
Zooomr -- Le partage de photos qui parle votre langue !
France vue sur mer . com - Plus de 15 000 photos du littoral français
Photo Tourism: Exploring Photo Collections in 3D
Photo Tourism : Exploring Photo Collections in 3D
The Big Step
MacGPS Pro by James Associates Inc.
Tagzania: Items by pvk
Tools to easily and quickly create flagued location on googlemap
About My Photo Maps
Write the exif metadata from a gps track with a script in python
Flyr - Flickr Geotagged Photos Map
Pascal Vuylsteker's geotagged flickr images on a googlemap
Exif RDF Schema
smugmug - Pascal Vuylsteker (pvk)'s photo galleries
The importance of place - GPS and photography
Geocode Images and Create Google Maps or Export KML/KMZ Files to Google Earth
GPSPhotoLinker: Overview
GeoSpatial Experts - Link Digital Camera Photos to GPS
mapping flickr
ExifTool by Phil Harvey
O'Reilly Radar > Digital camera + GPS = Flickr mapping heaven! A Brief Introduction to GPS Photo Linking
Mac-based GPS photo linking
Display flickr Geotagged images in firefox, on a googlemap
Display flickr Geotagged images in firefox, on a googlemap
Flickr: Yuan.CC Flickr Tools
Panoramio - Middle-Head Forts / Sydney
Digitally Distributed Environments
smugmug - Gorgeous online albums. The easy way.
GeoSpatial Experts - Ricoh Pro G3 GPS Camera
GeoRDF - ESW Wiki
An RDF compatible profile for geo information (points, lines and polygons)
Geo Tag Elements
Mappr! Where It's At.
Mappr! Where It's At.
Google Sightseeing
Exploring the earth from the sky thanks to googlemap
• Albums • locr
Flickr Like with location
ExifTool by Phil Harvey
(exif - gps - iptc - perl - photos - tool - tools - xmp)
Google Maps Mania: Reverse Geocoding With Google Maps
Viewfinder: Basics
Share your location with friends | MyLoki
HoudahGPS - GPS connectivity for the Mac
Get your track from a GPS to a Mac
The world in virtual reality - VR city maps. 360 cities - Experience Prague, Moscow, Vienna, Venice, Los Angeles, Belgrade, and Syria.
HoudahGeo - See your photos in Google Earth
HoudahGeo - See your photos in Google Earth
GPSTagr: geotag flickr photos using GPS
Noah Snavely's UW Home Page
The paper of the year 2006 at siggraph !
Geomatic Photography
View Flickr Photos in Google Earth
iPhotoToGoogleEarth 0.8 by Craig Stanton
Create a KML file from a set of geotaged photo in iPhoto
GMiF - Google Maps in Flickr
See your geotagged photo in GoogleMap
Yuan.CC Maps
The Best tool ever to geotag your flickr images
GreaseMap : a Greasemonkey script to add a google map to a page that contain geodata
smugMaps: combining the power of Google Maps with 36,000,000+ smugmug photos
Example of using exif GPS metadata to automatically locate pictures on a google map
GPS Tags
worldKit :: easy web mapping :: Home
GPSPhotoLinker: Overview
GPSPhotoLinker can be used to save location and GPS position data to a photo. The latitude and longitude recorded by your GPS unit while you were taking photos can be linked, and saved, to the photos. GPSPhotoLinker automatically enters the city, state, a
California Coastal Records Project -- Aerial Photographs of the California Coastline
Jeff Hicks
mapping of geotagged video
Wayfaring Profile - pvk
The maps I created on Wayfaring
GPS-Photo Link Software = GPS Mapping Software for Windows
TopoFusion is GPS Mapping software for Windows. It downloads maps (Topo, Aerial Photo and Satellite) automatically from Microsoft's TerraServer and NASA's OnEarth server, storing them on the hard drive for offline use.
Visible Earth: Home
A catalog of NASA images and animations of our home planet
geobloggers - geoblogger users kicking ass since May 2005
magnalox - magnificent GPS logs and interactive reports
geobloggers - geoblogger users kicking ass since May 2005
Place your flickr photo on a map and geotag them
smugMaps: combining the power of Google Maps with 36,000,000+ smugmug photos
Like flickr, but the maps integrated from the begining
Create a map for your group. Share Group Photos
Mapping Hacks Is there a business in publishing one's whereabouts?
Is there a business in publishing one's whereabouts?
Geotagging Web Pages and RSS Feeds | Linux Journal
How to assign a location to a web page
flickr world map |
graffiti archaeology
Photo spacialisation geolocalisation

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