Ultimate Round-Up For Version Control with Subversion | Developer's Toolbox | Smashing Magazine
Tout sur Subversion
Cocoa Is My Girlfriend » Cocoa Touch Tutorial: iPhone Application Example
objective-cocoa - Accueil
Qscript Crash Reference
freshmeat.net: Project details for OpenVRML
The Blue Technologies Group : Version History
Outil de localisation de fichier NIB pour le developpement sous Cocoa
Use ?WhatYouAreLookingFor ...
Using Ruby on Rails for Web Development on Mac OS X
CocoaDev: ButtonWithThreeStatesAndTwoAlternateImages
Technical Note TN2138: QTKit Frequently Asked Questions
QTKit Frequently Asked Questions
QuickTime Kit Programming Guide: Introduction to QuickTime Kit Programming Guide
MacDevCenter.com -- Integrating QuickTime with Cocoa
Quickies for NSImage
Graphics & Imaging Quartz Technical Q&As
Google Code - Google's Developer Network
The OpenSceneGraph is an open source high peformance 3D graphics toolkit, used by application developers in fields such as visual simulation, games, virtual reality, scientific visualization and modelling. Written entirely in Standard C++ and OpenGL it ru
The Mythical Man-Month - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering is a book on software project management by Fred Brooks, whose central theme is that "Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later."
Technical Note TN2065: do shell script in AppleScript
Notes on using
AppleScript News
This training module contains dozens of AppleScript sub-routines designed to address a variety of common scripting tasks such as sorting lists of names or parsing HTML files.
/trunk/Samples/SequenceGrabber/ (non-XSLT)
Cocoa Documentation
Home - OGRE 3D : Open source graphics engine
An Introduction To Palm Programming (from Wireless Developer Network )
15 Helpful In-Browser Web Development Tools | Developer's Toolbox | Smashing Magazine
MacYenta.com - Socializing for nerds
gdata-objectivec-client - Google Code
QT bridge : Numerical Recipes
Cocoa Dev Central
Quicksort - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Technical Q&A QA1469: MovieAudioExtraction - Ensure a Movie is fully loaded before starting an extraction session
BigNerdRanch Products
Developing Applications With The QuickTime For Cocoa Kit
CocoaDev: CustomNSButton
Apple - QuickTime - Tutorials - Text descriptors
MacDevCenter.com -- Integrating QuickTime with Cocoa
freshmeat.net: Project details for OpenVRML
Ambrai Smalltalk
Fabrice's weblog : Hosted source control
Apple Lists Search:
QuartzCompositions.com the central source for Quartz Composer :: Downloads
Lots of great Quartz Composer composition
MacDeveloper: Marketplace for Mac Users
Find a developer or a client for developing on the Mac
Runtime Revolution Ltd - Application design and programming for everyone
Multiplatform RAD
HTML Tutorial
The best, practical entry point to learn HTML and the rest. HTML,CSS,JavaScript,DHTML,XML,XHTML,ASP,ADO and VBScript tutorial from W3Schools.
AppleScript Documentation
AppleScript is Apple's native scripting technology. It enables users to directly control applications, and parts of the Mac OS, by creating sets of English-like instructions, or scripts. Developers can make both Carbon and Cocoa applications scriptable.
Apple - Software - AppleScript - Script Menu
SCRIPT FOLDERS The Script Menu organizes the display of scripts found in three locations on the startup disk.
Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger : Page 16
Cocoa Programming FAQ
Quartzcomposer-dev Info Page
Palm OS Programming Study Guide :: Introduction
macscripter.net | applescript and script resource

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